HAnYa InSaN BiASa...

Salam ukhwah pengikat kasih... di mana bumi di pijak, di situ ISLAM ku junjung....


Feed your brain with


Why do you need that?

Ø The best formula of food for brain and has been maintained for about 30 years since 1978.

Ø Helps overcoming mental problems such as forgetfulness, give up, spiritually down, laziness, and afraid to lose which was caused by mineral imbalance.

Ø Strong in memorization.

Ø Suitable for all levels of age.

Ø Reminder: EXAMO-CKM 500 is a supplementary FOOD for brain, and not a remedy!!!


I felt so easy to memorize the Koran after taking EXAMO-CKM 500. I will make an order through my brother when I run out of it. Most of my friends at Al-Azhar University also consume it because they agree to the fact that EXAMO-CKM 500 is very effective for study and examination.

-Mohd Mujahid bin Yussoff,

Universiti Al-Azhar, Kaherah.

Having taken EXAMO-CKM 500, I can feel the differences which it releases my stress and enhances my ability to memorize all the things that has been studied. It seems like all the information is well organized.

-Zaharah Yahya Khan

Keningau, Sabah.

I have been taking EXAMO-CKM 500 since two years ago. Praise to God, it really strengthened my ability to think and improved my concentration in study. I want to stress that it is not intelligent remedy but the function is like brain fertilizer. Once the brain condition is good, then everything can be done successfully.

-Rinawati Ahmad,

Seberang Prai Utara.


(PRICE: RM80.00)

For further information and order, please contact :

dieya_nurdieya@yahoo.com (email/ ym)



zahidzuhri said...

semakin ramai yang berjinak untuk beramal dengan sunnah Rasul,teruskan beramal & perbaharui niat :)

May 24, 2009 at 12:09 AM